Sincerely, Yourself.

This is my teddy bear Nessa, I've had her since I was 7.
     I need help finding out where I belong. IF I belong that is. I'm pretty random and get easily sick of routine so there's probably no particular place for me to stay permanently. 

PS: Hang in there Nancy. You'll turn out fine.



  1. I'm scared I won't find a career for msyself. I get bored of everything so easily.

    I'm starting to learn to embrace that part of me. It's okay that I want excitement, as long as I can find it in the little things. Like buying a sticker at the store for 50 cents, or going to the thrift store to sit on an ugly couch. :)

  2. PS. I always love to read what you have to say. :)

  3. i miss you nancy.. . been the same these past few weeks. i easily get bored when i stay put i always feel i should be out there and on the move, so ihave been traveling a little lately. hope everything will turn out to be fine.