She Who Shall Not Be Named...

Georgie and Nancy photo-shoot

The title catches your eye doesn't it.. kinda reminds me of HP Lord Voldemort or however his name is spelled.
     Apparently I can't let this whole situation go. I can't tell you in person because I fear I will cross the line and put you in your place. I hate the person you are.. I really do.. and what sucks for me is that there is only one other person on this earth that I hate.. and I don't hate easily. I wish you would leave us alone. Just go on about your life and let us live ours, we have a home together. We've shared laughs and tears, none of them involving you. You bother me because you keep coming back. The thought of you grosses me out and although you might have "grown-up" and "changed"; you're still the person who caused my heartache; to me that crosses the line; making you a wretched person. What did I say you were before? Oh yes, right, a Home-wrecking Scum bag in human form.  I wish Sweetheart would understand. He hasn't really told me what his opinion is on this whole thing.. Just kinda blows it off n says he loves me... but does he really want you out of the picture?? I don't know. He likes talking to you, I know that. I wish he would stop talking to you because he wants to and not because he feels he has to. You're mind-fucking him all the time. Just go away.. I don't mind him speaking with other women, it's just You that I mind. Me and him are stronger because of you and for that I thank you. I know it "doesn't" matter anymore, but if it's bothering me this much then yes.. it does matter. You keep coming back like a Chihuahua who won't stop humping our leg.

     I've been in love once, I'll say it a million times.. but if it's possible; I feel I love Sweetheart more than ever,  {[at this point I walked into Borders Book Store and started talking things over with Georgie]} more than mother. Maybe... <<-- (that part was him being silly) Actually yes I believe so.. in fact I love them both the same but in VERY DIFFERENT ways..

Totally out of proportion =P My conversation with Georgie began and we started typing back and forth to each other even though we were sitting right across the table from one another <3

Nancy: "Gosh... I'm sorry I overreacted and became a Loon.. I shouldn't have but it's the only way to move on and be US again.. get it??"

Georgie: "So the only way to get through this is for you to go crazy??"

Nancy: " Yes. Well.... on some occasions.. I didn't want a little green monster eating up our relationship.. IT did once before and I just couldn't let it happen again.. In a way it's like those random times when you just BLOW UP out of no where and leave me all confused.. and little by little you begin to tell me what's bothering you. I'm slightly different than most ladies, so if I get all crazy, it's only because I care and believe that we have something good going here with us,  just try to keep up. "

Georgie: "Well gosh it sometimes puts us in a rut and I don't want to be those couples that have lame arguments that could have been handled out in a much better way. I only say that  because I felt like I was back in high school and that frustrated me a lot and made me get impatient with you. I understand you hate her so so much, but you only let her win when we're both going down in flames. Lets forget about her please and go on without her being brought up. If she tries to get our attention again, we'll ignore her. I'm sorry I don't do the right thing all the time."

Nancy: " Yes I agree it does put us into a rut, I've never been one to argue, you know that.. how do you think it could've been handled in a different way?? If I ignored it then WE wouldn't be ok and therefor ended badly.. That's why I didn't act upon her stupidity when she ran out of the gym like a pathetic hyena and grabbed your ass then was cowardly enough to surpass my presence, disrespecting me in front of you, yet I did nothing; I did nothing because I am the bigger person here.. If I would've, then it would've brought me down to her level. But I didn't ... I talked it over with you instead.. it's my way of handling things... Babe I don't expect you to be perfect and DO the right thing all the time.. if anything it's you're imperfections that draw me closer to you <3 the past is the past and there's nothing you nor I can do about it... but since she is "present" I let it get to me.. I shouldn't have but it did.. I'm human.. and you have to try and understand where I'm coming from; just put yourself in my shoes.. You did nothing wrong, but you didn't consider the situation a problem either.. I'll drop it.. and you know I mean it when I say.. I promise. Just as long as she doesn't get involved anymore, everything will be good in my book..... Yes?"

Georgie: "Yes."

Nancy: "Do you believe me?" (I only ask this because you're making a face)

Georgie: "Yes, yes I do. Can we talk to each other like normal people now? We're only 2 feet away from each other."

Nancy: Yea lol

"I love you.."

"I love you more ;] "

PS to my Readers: I'm better at writing down what's on my mind, so Georgie figured that by having this "conversation" it would help our little dispute.


Spectacular Mornings

I thought I'd share this... Georgie made this video because I mentioned to him that I could never see the sun rise from my window. He set his camera to take a picture ever few seconds and put them together to make this. I'm not sure who the song is by. If you want to know just ask me and i'll find out <3


Just another thought...

Georgie n I at Macy Park
     We met on a tragic day.
     Justin had passed away from cancer just a few days prior to our knowledge of each others existence. I will always remember that day. I was sitting on a bench outside wearing a black dress a little above my knee with heels as high as I could take. I couldn't believe he was actually gone; never feeling the warmth of his hugs for the last time or encountering his smile as we walked into the room that he filled with laughter and happiness.
     My skin was as pale as a winter itself and my lips red as wine. Marco and Andrew approached me and brought along a friend. He was introduced to me as George; this scrawny boy with long hair who couldn't keep himself still.
     We all laughed and caught up with each others lives; and just like that... the night ended.
     A year passed and Aerial was having a kick back gathering for her birthday. Her intentions where to "hook" me up with a friend of her boyfriends who had apparently been wanting to meet me. I don't praise myself as a piece of meat to be shared with just anybody. I wanted to hang out with someone... different. No one that I usually hang out with. I came across Georgies number and asked this particular guy whom I've been speaking with through text what he was doing. We ended up meeting that night for the first time since Justins wake and spent all morning till about 5am in the car listening to tunes and getting to know about each other. After that morning we started hanging out more and more. 
     I miss our carefree outings when we'll just hang out at Macy Park, lay on a sheet and ramble about everything and nothing all in one. We made photography happen. He taught me how to love Rock Band and we soon became two nerds who spent most of their evenings playing and singing cover songs.
     Although everything now is great. It seems as if reality has slapped us in the face and told us GROW UP or you'll be fucked. There's nothing wrong with growing up but I'm only 20 years old. I feel like I'm 60 sometimes. I'm tired and all I want to do is curl up into a little ball, put on my cool socks, blast my ipod, and read my book under a yellow umbrella (an ACTUAL umbrella, yes it makes me feel better). 

     Oh father time if you could just hold still... just for a moment.

Tomorrow Never Knows..

My old house

My General Manager passed away this morning from a heart attack in the gym.. it hasn't really sunk in that he's gone and that I will no longer see him again. It was just yesterday too that he was patting his finger tips together as he looked at the computer screen in wonderment as if thinking about what's to become of this company. Wow. No complains about him either. Really. If he would have been a mean indulgent asshole then it would be no biggie. But he was actually very chill. Didn't know him very well because he's only been with our company for less than two months.  It just get's me thinking... will I be here tomorrow? 


Sincerely, Yourself.

This is my teddy bear Nessa, I've had her since I was 7.
     I need help finding out where I belong. IF I belong that is. I'm pretty random and get easily sick of routine so there's probably no particular place for me to stay permanently. 

PS: Hang in there Nancy. You'll turn out fine.



Rocky Horror

     This is an old picture.. Well not that old =)
     In case you haven't figured it out... We're at a Rocky Horror Picture Show Event.. this day was freaking great! They played the movie while acting it out in the theater <3 I miss days like these. People come and go but there are those that even though you don't talk to EVERY day, make you feel like you just saw them the day before. I love this group. They're all my co-workers from when I use to work in the cafe; expect for Georgie and this french guy "Michell" which is pronounced "mee-chel" lol. Anyways I was skimming though some old pictures and I thought I'd share this one in particular. I'll be posting up more in manyfacesofadeliriousgal.blogspot.com 

Breast Cancer Walk

Breast Cancer Walk 2010

I went to the breast cancer walk this year <3 It was beautiful. I enjoy watching unity and strength. People of all kinds were there and supported one another. Wow... Just wow! Here are some shots I took along the way <3 Enjoy!


Delirious Gal

     A beautiful day it is... NEWS! I created a new blog.. although I will still be using this one.. I've decided that my new blog will consist of stories and my picture shenanigans of all sorts..  ^_^  the MANY FACES OF A DELIRIOUS GAL is up and running... don't hesitate to check it out.
     What's up with the weather.. it's all funkadelic these past few days. I just recently started skimming through books by Chuck Palahnuik.. a friend of mine recommended I read "Post Office" but I haven't been able to find it ANYWHERE.. tough nuggies huh?? Palahnuiks writing style is crazy! if you guys haven't heard of him, he's the original writer of "Fight Club". The guy is soOoo detailed! I love it <3 
     My mom has been bragging me to read "Rich Dad, Poor Dad". It's suppose to help my thinking on how to manage my money and such. Since I moved out she's been worried that I don't have enough money to buy food, pay rent, buy clothes, etc... (she's my mother, so it's no surprise). This man named Raymond down at the cafe that I use to work at ALSO recommended I read it.. he says that if he would have read it back in "his day" he would be a millionaire today. Hmmmmm I'll consider it since my mom BOUGHT the book for me to read. 
     I look and look and look for new literature but always seem to come across cheesy vampire love crap. I need something different and exciting. I have a bookshelf at home that's beginning to overflow with books. I'm in NEED of SUGGESTIONS again!! <3