Curious Kat

Las Vegas: There was this big sign that said REVOLUTION I used the EVOL and flipped it <3 lol
     Curiosity killed the cat... did the surprise really bring him back??... I was thinking about everything that happened last year (2010) the thing that changed me the most was falling in love... pretty cheesy huh?? How do I know I'm in love?  well for many reason and no legit reason at all... this is where I begin to rant...  is it possible to fall in love at age 12?? perhaps it's what grown ups called "puppy love"?? what's the meaning of that phrase anyway?? Well whatever it may mean, this kiid drove me crazy. He was full of life and always had a story to tell... He never made me feel like I might lose him to another girl, or he would always make me number one on his "list". My family always told me "Family Comes First"... but to us, this "love" was so real that our "family" came second and "we" came first, because we so strongly believed that in the future "we" were going to be all we really needed.
     My dad put him through a lot of shit I might add, being that he was my first official boyfriend and all so of course he was going to take advantage of the opportunity.
     I realize that many of my blogs are usually about my reminiscing. Oh gosh, I don't know where to go with this... Sometimes I miss that thrill of "not wanting to get caught by my parents". I'm 20 years old!!! Is that part of my life really over?? There are many times where I just want to rebel against myself; do things I would never do, take an effect on people, and just cause destruction all around. I didn't date a lot and I've only ever had 4 boyfriends in the past. I'm really okay with that; if anything I want to keep that number as low as possible.
     I do believe in the "one guy, one girl" thing (or if your gay then one guy one guy one girl one girl haha). I miss endless mornings talking about nonsense; not having to worry about work the next day, or that you're getting no where in life.
     I don't know... something just doesn't feel right. I have my up's and my downs, but this.. this feels different. Can guys and girls ever be "friends" once they've been a "couple". On some level I think it's possible, but there's always that HISTORY between you, sometimes you can't help but bring it up, and look back and smile at what once was. I suppose there's no harm in that.. or is there?? would it be like having a spark and the possibility of starting a fire up?? Not if you're IN love though right?? Should it be that if you're IN love that it shouldn't matter what or whom tries to come between you, because regardless, you can overcome ANY obstacle.
     I believe so <3