I am...


A little bit of me falls in love with almost every person I meet. 
I like being read to and having someone to color on Denny’s napkins with me from time to time at 3am. I’m a complete mess most of the time, but I promise I’m a lovely person.
I’m constantly worried about how I’m going to pay bills every month yet I spend all my cash on parking meters and strawberries. I cry way too often and apologize when someone bumps into me. I laugh way too hard when someone has the hiccups and smile when I’m uncomfortable. I love peaches and mangos.
I like rude people, loud noises, and the smell of gasoline stations.
Some of the best decisions I’ve made were the ones I did in total disregard of the consequences.
I wake up to eyeliner and lipstick marks on my pillow because I’m too lazy to take off my makeup at night. I sometimes leave a post-it on someones car telling them to have a good day when I’m having the worst.
Love is such a nice word. It makes me feel happy :) the word “supposedly” has a nice ring to it too, I feel as if I’m using my whole mouth just saying it.
Books take me to places that don’t exist on maps. They’re my getaway when I’m feeling vulnerable and alone.
I don’t understand how I still have a job after being such an obnoxious cunt to so many customers… I only do it when I feel I’m being disrespected though, not saying it’s a good excuse, it just happens.
I like talking about sex at inappropriate times and I yell when shushed.
I’m a dreamer but also the biggest procrastinator on the planet. I like watching cheesy movies and incorporating them to reality because they make life that much greater. I trip on my own feet sometimes and get up on my own because I want to see if I could do it.
I constantly have to be reminded of things and have repeated that I do exist to someone. 
I eat my pizza with ketchup and mustard.
I don’t have a point to anything, I’m just sayin’
-Nancy Love 


A love letter to Sweetheart...

 I enjoy days like these. The weather is so calm and soothing and for whatever reason I find it easier to think. 
     Finding someone who totally clicks with you is easy, but finding someone who wants to be with you just as much as you want to be with them… that’s rare.
     We hid from the crowd and gave love a whole new meaning. We’re not just another story to be told baby, we’re the story they yearn to hear. We play our tune, and I listen to you hum. The sweet melody of your voice ablaze’s my mind and suddenly I’m floating above the earth. I sit on the moon and watch the suns flames with wonderment. You float up with me and suddenly we’re laying in a field of stars. The world could only dream of a love like ours. It’s the kind of love that not even fairy tales can tell.
     I want you forever. We fight and argue. We dispute and drive each other insane at times, but we know how to work at it. We’re in this together, you and I.
     The world is our playground and you’re my partner in crime babe. I enjoy baking cookies with you, I like waking up next to you in the mornings and thinking “you need to brush your damn teeth…”, you make my days worth looking forward to amor. I love everything about your existence in my life… the weird faces you make at me behind my parents back while they talk to me, how you use the light saber to scare the birdies, how you scare the shit out of me pretending to trip when you walk in front of me, … all the little things you do to make me feel happy…
     I love you turd nugget <3 I truly feel that together we’re gonna get places. We push each other to strive for a better future and although times are tough right now, I promise we’ll get out of this shitty neighborhood and we won’t be scared to go for walks in fear of getting shot anymore. We’ll get a cozy apartment and see the world together. We’ll walk the streets of France hand in hand my love. Soon after we can get a big house of our own and start a beautiful family. We’ll raise our kids to be independent and teach them the value of their dreams. We can finally start a band and be like the Von Trapp family ^_^ (no not really). Years from now we’ll be just as happy as the first day we fell in love, I’ll be reading and making you tea, and you’ll be playing video games and taking pictures of our family. We’ll sit on the porch and color and have movie nights in our backyard with a projector. 
     My eyes go blind as my heart goes wild. You were my missing puzzle piece and now I feel complete. I swear I hear our hands lock into perfect place when our fingers intertwine. It’s a thrill thinking about being with you the rest of our lives, never a dull moment, always an adventure waiting to be explored… Like Freddy Rodriguez says in Planet Terror to Palomita “It’s two against the world”….
     P.S: Duck duck <3 Goose goose 
                    Yours truly,
                             Nancy Love


I Was Told By A Stranger...

I read with every broken heart we should become more adventurous