Rocky Horror

     This is an old picture.. Well not that old =)
     In case you haven't figured it out... We're at a Rocky Horror Picture Show Event.. this day was freaking great! They played the movie while acting it out in the theater <3 I miss days like these. People come and go but there are those that even though you don't talk to EVERY day, make you feel like you just saw them the day before. I love this group. They're all my co-workers from when I use to work in the cafe; expect for Georgie and this french guy "Michell" which is pronounced "mee-chel" lol. Anyways I was skimming though some old pictures and I thought I'd share this one in particular. I'll be posting up more in manyfacesofadeliriousgal.blogspot.com 

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  1. i think i'm the only quirky person in the world that has never seen rocky horror picture show... stone me