A want for freedom

     Crazy, beautiful, fucked up world we live in. Every news stand has articles on how someone got shot due to racism, how someone got arrested for standing up for their rights, undocumented students protesting for equality on their education, gays fighting for their right to get married, people wanting to stop the budget cuts and hoping our future generation has opportunity to progress.      
      It bums me out seeing that human beings have to fight for their freedom. It’s all business, but it has to be done and our voices have to be heard. With love, comes hate… if their were no hate, we wouldn’t be able to distinguish love. 

     Rape is a also a huge issue that crosses my mind… go fuck yourself! Don’t have sex with a person against their will, wether it be a man, woman, child, or simply an intoxicated person. I don’t care if you have a stupid fetish or you just “couldn’t help yourself”… THINK TWICE YOU FUCKTART. People are being dumped in trash bins, drowned in rivers, buried alive, cut into pieces, etc. etc. all because some stupid fuck wanted to jerk their dick off for a few seconds. Lousy sacs of shit need to regulate.
   Onto another topic…It kills me seeing homeless people asking for food, especially if I don’t have anything to offer them. I don’t, however, feel sorry for the ones that I catch talking on a cell phone or buying cigarettes and booze. It’s like ‘dude! you could’ve saved that money to feed buy food!’
     Better yourself. Seek opportunities and strive to get to where you want to be. If you don’t have a job and need money, recycle or make little things you could possibly sell. There’s always a way… There was a guy named Elian who came from Argentina with his acoustic-electric guitar and played down at Santa Monica pier every summer, one night my friend and I decided to dance to his music… little by little a crowd started to gather and some even joined in and danced as well. At the end of his performance he got a bunch of tips in his guitar case and he gave my friend and I $5 each and one of his CDs worth $15… we gave his money back (because really, we were just dancing for our benefit) and kept the CDs. 
     Live for a better tomorrow… make some memories. 
     I don’t regret doing half the stupid shit I’ve done in my past, because in all honesty… those are the moments I remember best and laugh on today.
     I have my “someday I will…” list. I’m always saying how “I wish this..” and how “I wish that…”. I’ve decided to put a stop to this nonsense of mine and act on it instead. Like for instance…  Someday I will…
  • publish my own article 
  • learn to play chess 
  • start my own band
  • brew my own beer
  • go skinny dipping at midnight in France, etc. etc.
Things like that…  
     I’m signing off for now
 Ps: All photographs were taken by me :)