Blog poem #1

If i could run away with you, I would, lost in the midst of nothingness is when i began to look for myself, I felt alone in a crowd of close loved ones, it didn't make sense to me that a person like you could exist and had been there all along yet we both had been blinded by sight, everything is as it should be, the heart has what it wants, the beauty of conceding vulnerability is knowing that something can be taken away just as easily as it was given, the thought of knowing that i exist in your eyes is exhilarating, remembering what we've gone through excites me and gives me high hopes for the future, I love how you are my definition of love and all it's imperfections.. because perfect is just too pure.. and what is love if not madness of the heart.. sing me a lullaby and paint it with colors of those that have yet to be discovered.. lets dance the night away and fly into a world of insanity where only we two exist and nothing else..

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