Closed Walls

 I need to get out of this place. I really do... I feel as if I'm suffocating and no one can hear me scream. It's the same story everyday. I wish for change yet I do nothing about it?
     I think I need that push. This lousy job is what's keeping me stable for the time being.. but it's also the place where I'm wasting most of my days in. I don't get to enjoy the day; except from behind a double glass that's cemented shut to the walls.
     I keep having weird nightmares and waking up shaking.. two of the times I woke Georgie up.. we've been sleeping away from each other lately so it's a good thing he doesn't wake up.. I hate bothering him with nonsense shit... he's been stressing out and so have I.. about different things.. but even then so it's been getting to us both... sigh*
     What to do, what to do!! 
     I've been thinking of things we can do to keep our creative minds busy and set aside all the work we HAVE to do for a bit.. seems as if all we're striving for is a difference. 
"You must be the change you seek" -Gandhi

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  1. That's a great quote, fits what you said so perfectly.