Sleazy Kid

Ontario, CA, Rain.. Outside a Costco parking lot on my way to visit an old friend of mine from San Francisco.

A wonder found in one or many
Serenity frees the mind
and I slowly fall into something governed  by rules I cannot comprehend.
Just two fucked up minds living in oblivious
stuck between the vividness of love and friendship..
painting midnight purple skies with music,
that of Billie Holiday and Louis Armstrong.
Shared stories of beautiful sorrows and haunting lullabies
roaming the streets 
smelling of cheap perfume and cigarettes
rupture is what guides us,
nihilism our faith,
and our privilege finally rots our divinity.
Acoustic melodies and sweet kisses...
our story remains untold,
lost in the midst of the past..
Perhaps one day we will find each other again
or maybe we'll just smile from a distance
seeing what we have, and wondering what could have been.
Either way...
A part of me will always love this
Sleazy kid.


  1. this is beautiful nancy..

  2. thanks eemah.. if only I could tell you the story behind this I would.. its too complicated and it seems to be never-ending..

  3. I think I just experienced that a while ago I am trying to make this blogpost... I' ve been typing and erasing but I just gave up in the end because I cant find the write words to express how i feel.. and how to express it in a way that readers would understand.

  4. I understand.. I find myself in your shoes most of the time.. and I think most of the time people won't understand how you feel but enjoy reading because they like how you write.. you're very talented and have a way with words.. I'm sure you'll come up with something Eemah :)

  5. Being an older generation, I am actually going through this right now. It's crazy how time really has no boundaries. Glad you found my blog, and me to find yours.