I am trouble..

PCC art wall <3

Friend: I'm curious to meet that side of you..

Nancy: You curious Kat! You're gonna get us into trouble..

Friend: Haha I think I'm just trouble in general..

Nancy: I love it..

Friend: Ima hot mess and you know it babe.. At the moment im dowsing in my own vices and I must say I love it too. You only live once babe. Fuck trouble and consequence... It's about time. We took a risk.. So we might as well take it together.

Nancy: Fuck I hate it when you're right...

Lesson learned from conversation: To just go with the flow. Life truly is about time and what you make of it....

Love -Nancy


  1. its the things that you know you shouldn't do that always end up being the most memorable

    by the way, the girl swinging on power lines is awesome!

  2. It truly is! I've done many things throughout my life and yes you're right.. the things I knew I shouldn't have done and did do... are the things I remember most and that I now laugh at for doing.. No regrets that's for sure =)

  3. what ever happens...in the end... we just run out of time.

  4. Indeed we do.. and I hate that there's so much out there to explore and so little time to do so.. It just doesn't seem fair that we're given this so called "life" and the privilege to live it as we wish is taken away from us.. better make the best out of the worst situations huh??